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DTC Wine Symposium 2024: Sponsors to Debut, Feature New Products and Services

January 8, 2024 – The trade show at the 2024 Direct to Consumer Wine Symposium will feature an array of new products and services designed to help wineries succeed in the DTC marketplace. These will be revealed at the 17th annual summit, January 17-18, 2024, at the Hilton Concord Hotel in Concord, California. 

Below is a preview of what several sponsors plan to promote at the show.

  • Proforma Wine Country’s New Eco-Friendly Products and Packaging: Proforma Wine Country is putting sustainability at the forefront. Instead of packaging going into a landfill, it offers branded, reusable bags that keep your logo in front of your customers long after your wine has been consumed.  Stylish lines of tasting room essentials and custom Wine Club/DTC gift programs are made with recycled or natural products such as felt, cotton, jute, juco, metal, wood, leather, and other natural fibers.  Its overseas factories hold certifications for the ethics and social responsibility of their manufacturing process and host creative services, structural design, and graphics services that will bring your vision to life.
  • Enolytics’ “Switzerland Approach to Data” Expands Its Reach: Enolytics is like the Switzerland of big data for the wine industry: It works with any data source that helps wineries to grow revenue. This year, the ecosystem of DTC data sources expands even further, to now include WineDirect, Commerce7, vinSUITE and eCellar, with Figure (Offset Partners) and Shopify on the roadmap for Q2 2024. Enolytics’ software serves as a layer of powerful predictive analytics that sits on top of winery data from any of those providers, so that wineries of any size can easily and quickly identify and take action on revenue generating opportunities from world-class technology. In addition, Enolytics also integrates with VIP (Vermont Information Processing) and Vinosmith as sources of wineries’ wholesale depletion data, which is then combined with DTC data to provide full 360-degree visibility into every sales channel.
  • Activ8 Commerce’s New Customer Solutions: Activ8 Commerce, a leading winery and distillery multi-channel sales system, presents a unified platform for comprehensive sales activities, integrating retail POS, club automation, eCommerce, and more. With a dedication to user experience and innovation, Activ8 Commerce has been a leader in delivering cutting-edge Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) solutions since 2003, streamlining sales, marketing, and reporting processes. The unveiling of new features at the Direct to Consumer Wine Symposium includes a streamlined Browser-Based POS – a powerful, user-friendly solution enhancing speed and efficiency, seamlessly integrating club management and CRM at the point of sale. The QuickBooks Online Integration also eliminates manual data entry, ensuring flawless financial management. The upcoming Tock Reservation Integration further enhances the customer experience, providing smooth and convenient bookings. Activ8 Commerce continues its commitment to revolutionizing the industry with innovative solutions.
  • WinePulse Introduces ChatDTC, a Groundbreaking AI Innovation in POS Winery Data Analysis: This first-of-its-kind AI-powered assistant allows for effortless, natural language conversations with your DTC data. With ChatDTC, navigating through your POS system data becomes a seamless experience; no more complicated queries or pivot tables. Just chat as you would with a colleague and uncover insights about your Customers, Club Memberships, and Orders. Discover the future of AI applied to your POS data at our trade show booth or visit for more information.
  • Corksy’s New POS Checkout: The latest from Corksy revolutionizes the winery guest experience. By redefining POS checkout, it empowers users to seamlessly designate items for shipping, take-home, or on-site enjoyment—all in one swift transaction. By automatically calculating taxes and real-time shipping rates, this enhancement streamlines the process, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring customer satisfaction with a unified charge. Corksy continues to pioneer innovation in winery commerce, shaping a future where transactions are effortlessly smooth and gratifying for businesses and customers alike.
  • The Digest of Wine & Spirits Law – The Industry’s Most Useful Compliance Reference: The sheer number of recent regulatory changes and intensified enforcement efforts make it imperative that wineries and distilleries shipping out of state stay informed as changes happen. The Digest’s powerful online database is continually updated with timely, reliable, and comprehensive information. Subscribers can get email notifications alerting them to newly posted updates, and the Digest’s handy “compare” function allows them to instantly see exactly what has changed. The Digest makes it fast and easy to have the information you need to stay in compliance.

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About the DTC Wine Symposium

The DTC Wine Symposium is presented by and a fundraiser for Free the Grapes! The event has funded the Free the Grapes’ PR campaign and the Coalition for Free Trade’s legal work (CFT “retired” in 2014 after achieving its goals). Free the Grapes! works closely with industry lobbyists and regional associations to streamline onerous shipping regulations and to increase the number of legal states, which have grown to 47 and represent 98% of the US population. But the organization’s work is not done: three states ban all shipments, and seven states allow shipments but with major restrictions. The conference is the primary fundraiser for Free the Grapes!, which executes state-specific advocacy campaigns encouraging consumers to write to their legislators and works with media and advocacy groups to keep the issue alive in the media in support of favorable legislation. 


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