2016 Presentations

Day 1:

DTC and the Next 5 Years / Presented by WineDirect

Measuring & Driving Great Guest Experiences / Presented by WISE

Don’t Drop the Ball on Shipping: Tips from Successful Wineries / Presented by FedEx and ShipCompliant

DTC Wine Case Studies Revealed! / Presented by DTC Wine Workshops

Update on the Top 20% / Presented by WineDirect

Turning DTC Metrics into Profitability / Presented by VinoPRO

Discounted, Flat Rate, or Free Shipping – What’s the right strategy and how do you decide (without giving away the farm)? / Presented by Copper Peak Logistics

Day 2:


360° of Marketing: the Retail Revolution

First Peek at 2015 DTC Data

State of the States: What to Expect in 2016

Art of the Marketing Plan: Objectives, Innovation and Results

Workshop Sessions:

Tasting Room Sales Transformation: How to Motivate, Compensate and Train Your Team

Multi-Location Tasting Rooms: Boom or Bust?

How are DTC Programs Succeeding for Wineries Outside Napa/Sonoma?

Marketing vs. Tasting Room: Are We Lost In Translation?

Telesales Demystified: Is It Right For Your Business?